"Batatas ao murro" Portuguese potatoes with butter and rosemary

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the portuguese cuisine is very aromatic and tasty. this potatoes recipe is simple and fun (the preparation techniques can help you release stress, because "batatas ao murro" means beaten potatoes, which means you have to prepare for a boxing match:))).
who invented this recipe probably was upset, because otherwise i can't explain the process of hitting with the fist of these harmless boiled potatoes.
however, the portuguese recipe is unique in style and very, very tasty.

-some average potatoes (4 pieces for 2 persons)
-2 tablespoons of butter
-coarse salt
-fresh rosemary

boil the potatoes in crust in water with salt.

allow potatoes to boil for 5-7 minutes, and they shouldn't be ready, but only pre-cooked. remove the potatoes and let them cool a little.

when still warm, hit them with the fists, taking care not to break them into pieces, only to be crushed.
place the potatoes in a yena bowl, cover them with butter and rosemary and put them to the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

smells wonderfully.

serve as a garnish steaks addition, in this case a special brazilian skewer, from chicken hearts (churrasco of curacao).

enjoy your meal!