"Surprise" Salad (rocket, prosciutto crudo and raspberry)

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this starter brings a surprise element, rare in salads, very fragrant and refreshing: raspberry. appealing and delicate, raspberry is the key to pleasantly surprise the guests. try this colorful combination of soft and festive flavor to a meal or a romantic dinner.
perfect in desserts, raspberry reveals its premium feature also in other recipes. the elegance of the red-purple color highlights, according to the christmas theme, the raspberries best, the queen of this combination. we chose the rocket leaves, due to strong flavors, and the delicious prosciutto crudo slices to highlight this appetizer as it deserves.
the light dressing, with the light, fruity notes, perfectly completes the flavors, softening the harsh taste of rocket, but keeping its aroma.

-fresh leaves of rocket
-a box of fresh raspberries
-prosciutto crudo
-balsamic vinegar

first make the dressing. mix a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar with a tablespoon of olive oil, a pinch of salt and some raspberry juice (obtained by pressing).
wash the rocket and raspberry. stir them gently. sprinkle generously with the dressing. allow them 2-3 minutes to flavor the salad dressing (not too much because otherwise the rocket leaves soften and lose consistency).
now transfer everything on a platter (without sauce). arrange the prosciutto slices around the salad.

sprinkle with a little sauce and serve immediately.
enjoy your meal!