Arabesque yogurt sauce with green mint

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you want to prepare an interesting dinner and you would like a simple recipe, but delicious? then you have to know that the arab kitchen is ideal for a festive menu, exotic, highly aromatic and extremely tasty. based on fresh ingredients, unusual combinations of flavors, arabic cuisine is meant to pamper your taste and sight.
arabian recipes use a lot of fresh vegetables, so preparations are colorful, cheerful, attractive and, last but not least, very healthy.
the sauce is made of yogurt and mint and served as appetizer (with pita bread) or alongside with juice and flavorful steaks. it is good and refreshing and that will be a pleasant surprise alongside a hot slice of grilled or roasted meat.
-200 ml thick yogurt
-2-3 tablespoons chopped mint
-a tablespoon of flavored olive oil (or simple)

mix yogurt with olive oil. if you want to prepare flavored oil: heat a little olive oil, add 2 tablespoons chopped paprika (dried) and one teaspoon garlic (slices), let spices fry for a few seconds (don’t burn), low heat , stirring constantly and flavored oil is ready.
if you do not have time to prepare flavored oil, then you can add garlic sauce and ground pepper.

add the chopped mint. sprinkle a little salt.

stir. serve cold.

delicious with steak, potatoes, lebanese pita, salad.