Asparagus and Ramsons pesto

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when you find green asparagus is better to use it in as many combinations: soups, creams, salads, pasta, pizza, as pesto or dip, in mousse, on grill, in omelets...and the list goes on :)
today we present a recipe with spring fragrance, a fresco pesto with green asparagus, ramsons and raw sunflower seeds. the combination was flavored by some french spring onions, for added piquancy.
here are the ingredients, just arrived from the market:

wash all the vegetables well. cut 1.5 cm of the asparagus stems, that solid part, which is thrown away. chop the remaining stem and put it in blender. add onion to taste, chopped ramsons, sea salt, pepper and a handful of sunflower seeds. place 2 tablespoons of oil (olive) and juice of one lemon.

put the lid and mix.

in 30-40 seconds is done.

serve as a dip near a plate of raw vegetables or baked/ fried potatoes or near grilled meat or simply with pita. this pesto can elevate the taste of vegetarian pasta or risotto and can give a little color. you can keep several days in the refrigerator, tightly closed in a jar.
enjoy your meal!