Baked stuffed squid in provencal sauce

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if you like seafood, it's worth trying stuffed squid. squid in provencal sauce recipe is so fragrant and delicious that you will not easily forget. you will nicely surprise all your guests with this french menu.
-a package of frozen cleaned squid
-tomato juice
-thyme, oregano, bay
-little olive oil
-dried hot pepper, garlic
-100 ml dry white wine
-filling: boiled rice with vegetables

prepare rice with vegetables (which you will use as filling and garnish).
wash squid and let them drain.

fill each squid with boiled rice with vegetables (take care not to add too much rice so you can close with a toothpick).

take the stuffed squid and place them in a tray.

sprinkle salt and pepper over the stuffed squid, add tomato juice and wine into pan, a tablespoon of olive oil, sprinkle thyme and oregano (or a mixture of provencal herbs), add the bay leaf and place tray in oven at 180 degrees celsius.

leave about 10 minutes.

serve hot, with rice and vegetables or a salad.