Beans with sausages (traditional Romanian dish)

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on december 1st it’s served ”beans with sausages”, a traditional romanian food. so every romanian woman has to know how to cook it. and obviously there are many recipes, each with its style. i'll show you a very special recipe, very tasty, one that will make you feel proud in front of foreign guests (if they want a traditional romanian dish).
foreigners will always be impressed by the kindness of our traditional foods, so there is every reason to be proud of romanian cuisine.
we'll make beans with vegetables (onion, multicolored pepper and carrot), well seasoned, served with delicious romanian home made sausages.

-500 grams of beans (i prefer the motley, whole grain remains after boiling)
-an onion
-colored pepper
-a carrot
-tomato juice
-dried thyme
-500 gramse home made sausages

like any traditional recipe, "beans with sausages" will require a long time for preparation, but try to follow the steps to achieve a very good result.
choose beans, rinse and leave it in a bowl with cold water overnight. bean grain will swell, doubling volume. the next day, drain beans and discard water.
to succeed with a bean recipe you need to know one thing: beans boils in 3 rounds of water (when boiling in last water add a pinch of bicarbonate).
put water to boil in a pot. add the beans and let it simmer for 15 minutes.
meanwhile boil the second water.
in the pot where the beans boiled the water will stain. drain beans, discard water.

add beans in the second hot water.
and let it simmer for another 15 minutes and discard the water.

last time will be the final preparation. so cover beans with boiling water (water level should be just above the layer of beans). add baking powder. baking powder helps boiling and prevents indigestion.

cook onion in oil until it becomes glassy. while onion is cooking, sprinkle salt over it to soften more quickly.

add chopped carrot over the onion and keep on cooking for another three minutes.

take the foam that forms on the surface.

then add fried vegetables (with oil from the pan).

let it simmer until all vegetables are almost cooked.
cut the pepper into cubes.

add the partially cooked pepper and continue to boil.

cook half of the amount of sausages.

add the sausage (with their oil) in the pot and let them boil with all the food (beans will have a very good
smoky and spicy taste ). season with salt, pepper and dried thyme.

meanwhile make "prajeala" (it means fried food and it’s a popular term): fry tomato juice (about one cup) in a little oil until it thickens slightly.

add "prajeala" over beans.

continue to boil until reduced and the sauce gets more solid.

add a little chopped parsley before remove from heat.

serve with well fried and nicely browned on all sides sausages and drizzle with oil that from sausages.

the classic garnish is pickles, pickled gherkins are more than welcome.

this version is more of a "modern" presentation.
the more classic version:

have great appetite! and if you are romanian be proud that you are one!