Beef tenderloin with green pepper sauce

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the beef tenderloin with green pepper sauce is a classic french recipe, a true pearl of this refined cuisine. the tender beef, ruddy, medium done is a perfect fit to this elegant and flavored sauce.

the green pepper, cogniac and dijon mustard create a divine combination of aromas, enchanting taste.

today we will prepare a french dinner and therefore, you are invited to the paradise of the refined taste and aromas.

- one thick piece of beef tenderloin (about 500 gr)
- one big cup of liquid sour cream
- one tablespoon of dijon mustard (ideally the green pepper variant)
- 2 tablespoons of green peppers
- one tablespoon of butter
- one tablespoon of oil
- 50ml of cognac
- salt
- pepper

thoroughly was the meat, wipe it and spread some pepper over it.

heat the oil and melt the butter. put the beef in the pan keeping the high temperature.

place a lid on top and let it over the fire for 1 minute and then another 3-4 minutes over a medium-intensity fire.

turn the beef over and let it for an extra 4-5 minute on the other side until it's well ruddy.

in order to be sure that you got a good preparation you need to make a simple test: press the beef using your finger - it needs to be very elastic. take the beef out on an aluminium foil and pack it well.

pour the sour cream on top of the sauce in the pan and reduce the fire to minimum.

mix well and then add the cognac. be careful that the pan is not too hot because the alcohol can fire-up.

after the alcohol evaporates, please add the mustard.

add the green pepper and mix them until they're well incorporated, then take the pan off the fire. open the pack in which you have the beef, pour the beef sauce into the pepper sauce, then mix and pour over the beef.

place the beef on a pre-heated plate, pour the sauce over it and... voila!

here's a delicious section.

bon apetit!