Bobo de camarao - Brazilian recipe for shrimp in coconut sauce

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colorful and appealing, the exotic brazilian cuisine brings some of the most interesting culinary combinations.

bobo de camarao is a typical afro-brazilian recipe, which combines fresh shrimp with a delicious sauce based on cassava, vegetables and coconut milk.

flavors are enhanced by fresh citrus notes (lime juice is used). the silky coconut and cassava sauce delicately surrounds the spices and gives the shrimp a fine aroma.

if you want a culinary trip through rio de janeiro, then you have a perfect recipe to take you closer to the ocean waves: "bobo de camarao", prepared only with fresh and savory ingredients.

-800 gr fresh shrimps (if you don't have fresh, the frozen ones are just as good - it is important to be big, husked and with tail)
-a large box (400 grams) of coconut milk
-manioc - approx. 500 g
-a white onion and green onion
-3 tomatoes
-a colorful pepper
-a parsley bundle (or cilantro)
-a few cloves of garlic
-2 lemons or limette
-red palm-oil (if you do not have, the olives one is just as good)
-salt, pepper
-turmeric (optional)

first, let's get acquainted to cassava (or "yuca", "tapioca"), the famous tropical tuber, native from south america and spread across all the exotic cuisine:

this tuber contains an impressive amount of starch (used as an energy source), so it should be used as basis for food, which thickens the sauces. in addition to the substantial intake of carbohydrates, cassava has also vitamin c, calcium and phosphorus, enriching the nutritional value of food.

do not be afraid of exotic products, as they are made very simple and fast. for example, the cassava only needs to be peeled (like a potato) and washed, cut into small pieces and boiled in hot water with salt (just as if you prepare a puree).

when it passes the fork test (the fork easily enters), it is a sign that is well boiled (in about 20 minutes). drain the excess water, put the boiled cassava pieces in a pot and add half the coconut milk (before you open the box, shake well to blend). mix well.

you will get a very creamy and consistent puree.

now that the cassava and coconut puree is ready, we can only prepare the shrimps.

clean the shrimp from the shell and the blood veins; then rinse and drain well. the easiest way is to buy them already cleaned.

chop the onion finely and fry it with the crushed garlic.

if you have red palm oil, then it is advisable to use it because it is very healthy and will give the brazilian food a special flavor and color. if you don't have (me neither), we will use another very healthy oil, the olive oil.

when the onion is glassy, add the shrimps.

sprinkle salt and pepper, stirring constantly for 1-2 minutes until the shrimps turn pink-orange.

add the finely chopped green onion and the pepper.

let it boil a bit with the pepper.

then add chopped tomatoes (it is best to add only the pulp).

let it boil a little in the left tomato sauce.

correct the taste, adding spices to your preference.

add the coconut puree.

stir until smooth, on very small fire. add the remaining coconut milk if the sauce is too thick.

because the recipe is afro-brazilian, the turmeric should not miss from this combination so add it towards the end for added color and perfume:

if you do not have turmeric, it's ok if you do not put.

finally add the chopped herbs (coriander in the original recipe, but if you don't have the parsley is also good) and a limetta juice. mix well.

serve with steamed basmati rice and slices of lime.

or, for a more exotic experience, you can serve with garnish of rice with mango.

these delicious shrimps, silky sauce with fine aromatic notes is a total pampering!

enjoy your meal!