Bread filled with green olives and feta

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one of the most delicious bread recipes is bread filled with green olives and feta. its mediterranean flavor will definitely make you think of sunny greece and its rustic taste will conquer you with the naturalness of its ingredients.
it is a traditional bread in the mediterranean, in italy is known as focaccia with olives, in greece as pitta with olives, each country having its own version of bread dough.
i will present you an olive bread that looks like romanian traditional bread, but has a meridional filling.
-500 gr flour (black with seeds, in this case)
-a package of dry yeast
-300 ml warm water
-olive oil
-a pinch of salt

mix flour with dry yeast.

add water and begin to stir.

toward the end, add salt, 2 tablespoons of oil and one of vinegar and continue to stir.

if dough is too soft (sticks to your hands), add more flour. if it's too hard, add some water.
finally it should be elastic and not sticky. form a ball of dough, lubricate it with a little oil and leave it to rise, covering the bowl with a clean kitchen towel.
after 50 minutes (one hour), dough is ready. divide it into 2-3 servings, strech them to 2 cm thick and sprinkle some sliced olives and cubes of feta cheese (or cheese).

roll them and that’s the bread.

with the same batter you can make rolls, braided bread or anything you want.
spread bread with very little water and place pan in hot oven at 200 degrees. after about 10 minutes reduce heat to 180 degrees and bake until it is well browned and test bread with toothpick. it has to come out dry.

allow to cool and then slice.

it smells very inviting, as a vintage bakery ...

the taste of hot, just removed from the oven bread it’s beyond description. the thick and hard crust and the soft and airy core full of olives and feta are delicious!
you deserve to taste a slice of rustic bread, with authentic hearth taste and meridional aroma!