Bread with green olives and capers

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the bread with olives and capers is one of the most inspired recipes of bread-starter with a strong mediterranean flavor and tastes so good, so natural and fragrant, that you will hardly stop at one slice.
the texture of this bread is very nice and the contrast between the crispy crust and soft-elastic core is the delight of tasting olive-bread slices.
this bread tastes so nice that it can be served simple, cut into pieces, near a glass of white wine, but if you want the ultimate snack, you can use slices of bread with olives and capers as a base for your favorite sandwiches.
this bread is healthy and natural, the combination of rye and wheat flours bringing the unique, rustic, slightly sweet fragrance, which outlines the salty taste (olives, capers and sea salt).

- 550 gr. special wheat (or white) flour
- 150 gr. rye flour
- 2 teaspoons of salt
- 1 sachet dry yeast
- 500 ml. water
- 60 gr. capers
- 100 gr. chopped green olives
- 1 tablespoon sea salt

put the ingredients in the bread machine in the following order: water, olives, capers, 2 teaspoons of salt.

then weigh the two types of flour and add them in.

finally add the sachet of yeast flour.

select the program no 2 for the moulinex bread machine (3h 39min) for 1000 gr amount and the type of cooking (i chose browned crust). 30 minutes before the bread is ready, you can brush the bread with very little olive oil and sprinkle sea salt on top (optional).

this is how the ready baked bread looks like, put on a rack to cool.

serve it warm.

when it's almost cool, cut it into slices.
it's a very good bread, the inner-side is soft-elastic and the crust is crispy and quite thick, a wonderful combination.
the dough can be kneaded by hand. dissolve yeast in warm water, pour over flour mixture and knead. when the dough is homogenous, add fine salt. continue to knead for half an hour. then add capers and olive slices, knead more until well embedded and uniform dough and let it grow for an hour and a half (depending on ambient heat).
when it has doubled the volume, give a form of bread, put it in the tray and let it grow a little more. bake at medium temperature, taking care to keep a bowl of water on the bottom of the oven. in the last 30 minutes remove the bowl with water to form crispy crust. bake for about an hour and a quarter more (check with a toothpick after issue).
i hope the mediterranean rustic bread with olives and capers will bring an extra flavor and inspiration to your menus.
enjoy your meal!