Chicken liver salad

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even if you have a very active life, full of projects and responsibilities, full of endless overtime work remember ...... yourself!
write your own name in your daily agenda (at least half an hour)!
learn that it's good to pay yourself attention everyday. learn to appreciate the little free time you have!
your body is not a "car", if you don’t "review" your car, it will not accelerate that well (as it does now).

voltaire said: "we spend half of our life making fortune and spend half of the fortune we made on health"

be careful with youreself so you don’t regret later. get out and exercise, run, walk, charge yoursefl with positive energy form nature.
give up fast food because your body deserves a healthy diet.
if you don’t have time when you come tired in the evening do not buy semi-prepared products to heat in the microwave!
in exactly the same time you can make yourself a very tasty and healthy dinner.
i will show you that in maximum seven minutes you can sit at your table and eat a more healthy menu than fast food.
tonight we will prepare a "chicken liver salad”. you can use any combination you like, i chose fresh cabbage, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley with a dressing of olive oil, lime juice and garlic.
first fry chicken livers in very little olive oil. sprinkle pepper, salt, paprika and garlic while cooking. stir them occasionally. hold the lid over the pan during cooking because the steam will help keeping the chiken liver soft.

meanwhile, chop the cabbage and slice the gherkins.

mix them with little oil and lemon juice. slice the tomatoes and chop the parsley and stir.

place lettuce on a plate nicely. when livers are ready, let them cool slightly and put them over the vegetables.

warm chicken liver salad is delicious, very easy and ready in less than 7 minutes.