Chicken livers with green olives and cherry tomatoes

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chicken livers are very suitable for dinner, because they cook easily and are very tasty. today's recipe will bring a mix of mediterranean green olives stuffed with almonds and the cherry tomatoes, well known for their sweetness.
-a package of fresh chicken liver
-10-15 cherry tomatoes
-10 green olives stuffed with almonds (the simple ones are good too)
-a tablespoon of spicy tomato sauce (optional)
-100 ml mashed tomatoes
- one tablespoon olive oil
-a little pepper

preheat oil and add the washed and drained livers do not add salt because the olives are already salty.

cover with a lid and stir occasionally. within minutes are almost ready. add tomato sauce.

add cherry tomatoes and green olives. put the cap on and let boil. if you want it spicier, add pepper.

serve hot. it's simple and good!