Chicken salad with oranges and black olives

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chicken salad with orange is a true winter delight. juicy oranges give an extra flavor to a simple chicken salad and the dressing is made of orange juice and spices and offers a special flavour to the salad.

-fried chicken breast strips
-few slices of pepper
-fried red onion (just a little)
-iceberg lettuce
-few black olives
-2 oranges

fry chicken breast and allow to cool in refrigerator. do the same with pepper and onion.
cut the salad and mix it with vegetables in a bowl.

cut an orange into cubes, then add a salad.

remove pits from black olives, chopped them and add them too. add chicken breast and onion and stir.

make orange marinade: sprinkle a little pepper, add the slices of pepper, orange zest and anise (optional).

add a tablespoon of olive oil and juice from the second orange.

stir well.

pour marinade over salad and stir a few times.

arrange salad on a platter.

serve immediately! flavoured and refreshing!