Chocolate Pancakes with mascarpone - Night and Day

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the duo-pancakes will offer you a complete feast. you can combine anything you want, thus creating the most ingenious fillings.

the "night and day" variant offer an extremely sweet half, with chocolate, while the other half of smooth and refreshing, with mascarpone, vanilla and tangerines cream. a contrast meant to satisfy in the most demanding wishes.

- pancakes
- chocolate cream
- mascarpone
- vanilla sugar
- tangerines
- cinnamon

fill the first half with a layer of chocolate cream.

completely roll the chocolate layer then add a layer of mascarpone cream mixed with the vanilla sugar. spread mandarin cubes over the mascarpone.

roll to the end.

serve the pancake cut in two diagonally to expose as much as possible the composition.

you can serve the pancakes with slices of tangerines and cinnamon.