Cranberry cookies recipe

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cranberry cookies are perhaps the most coveted cookies in the world. decadent, flavorful, tender and slightly crispy, highly scented ... who can resist them?
today we make a pure vegetarian recipe, using only vegetarian ingredients. why? because i wanted a lighter version, for fasting, because i wanted to see if they can get a similar flavor without butter, eggs and all other traditional ingredients.
because many people are allergic to egg or they are vegetarian, i thought it's not bad to find a simple recipe to satisfy the pleasure of enjoying some lovely cookies.

-200 gr margarine (if possible, choose a healthy option)
-1 cup of brown sugar cane
-200 gr dry cranberries
-1 banana
-flour - how much you need
-almond flakes
-1 baking powder
-100 ml soy cream
-optional (i put): a bag of pudding "bio" vanilla

beat the margarine, and gradually add brown sugar, so to be foamy. then add soy cream (can be soy or coconut milk).

then add the sliced banana and mix it on (banana acts as a binder instead of the egg in the original cookies recipe).

finally it must be a homogeneous and slightly foamy mixture. add desired essences (vanilla, rum, almonds, etc). add vanilla pudding powder (better to be organic, to avoid the addition of chemicals). my version was "bio" and 100% vegetarian, so i could serve these cookies during fasting days.

add the flour mixed with the baking powder gradually until the composition gets thick.

incorporate the flour with the silicone spatula or wooden spoon.

when the dough is ready, but still sticky and soft, add the cranberries. if desired, add a few tablespoons of almond flakes.

homogenize with a spatula.

put small clumps on a tray covered with baking paper. flatten up to a thickness of 1 cm. leave space between them.

bake at 180 degrees, for about 10-15 minutes, until they become slightly brown.

allow to cool on a rack. they smell great, the flavors blend together perfectly. a section that's still hot:

serve at room temperature.

store in airtight tins. they are tender for a few days, although you will not have this problem, for they will end soon :)

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