Crescent cake

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Crescent Cake is a dessert that reminds us of childhood, of the days when our mothers or grandmothers baked cakes and the whole house smelled of cookies and vanilla, walnuts and lemon. It is a simple cake, with a soft flavor, ideal with the morning coffee.
Classic "crescent" can be turned into a dessert especially if you cover it with a generous layer of milk cream and vanilla and you decorate it with fresh cream.
-6 eggs
-250 grams flour
-100 grams ground walnuts
-a cup of sugar / fructose (approx. 250 grams) and another 3 tablespoons
-juice from a lemon
-2 tablespoons lemon zest
-200 grams butter
-50 ml oil
-a sachet of baking powder

Whisk egg yolks with sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest

Add soft butter and mix until the composition is smooth. Pour oil, add flour and half the amount of nuts and continue to mix. Add the baking powder with a little lemon juice.

Whisk egg whites with 3 tablespoons sugar / fructose until they turn into a very consistent foam.
Gradually add the consistent egg whites foam into the yolks composition.

Do not mix with mixer. Mixing is done manually with a spoon or spatula, with large movements, from top to bottom, so that the composition remains aerated.

Place parchment paper into baking tray and pour composition.

Bake at 180 degrees, for approx. 30 minutes, until golden brown and test cake with toothpick (insert the toothpick into the cake and it must come out dry). If you see that cake browns too quickly, reduce heat to 160 degrees. In the end it has to be well baked, light brown and elastic-firm to pressure.
When removing cake from pan, sprinkle remaining ground nuts over it. When it cools you can powder it with sugar if you want.

To get the crescent shape, cut cake with a glass. Serve after it has cooled well.

Crescent cakes can be served with veils of vanilla cream and whipped cream, and that gives them a festive air. The combination of walnut and lemon with delicate aromas of vanilla cream is pleasant and refreshing. It is hard to resist to this sweet temptation.