Duck breast with black currant sauce

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duck breast with black currant sauce is a traditional french recipe which i can only say that: "you'll fall irremediably in love with it!”
this is a refined and elegant french recipe that respects the typology of french cuisine. you will certainly not fail if you choose to cook duck breast in black currant sauce for a romantic dinner. one serving is enough for two people, because this food is made for your delight (and there’s room for dessert because after all this is a romantic dinner).
the one who discovers "la cuisine francaise" is conquered for life. this is the finest cuisine, the most sensual and seductive. it is a magical mix of color, taste and passion.

-a duck breast (about 350 g)
-125 grams fresh blackberries
-120 ml red wine
-2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
-2 tablespoons black currant liqueur (crème de cassis)
-4 tablespoons honey
-spices: pepper, anise (optional), hot pepper.

first keep duck for a few minutes in water with a tablespoon of red wine vinegar and a few grains of aniseed.

then wash the meat, cut the skin and fat in several places. sprinkle salt and pepper flavored with orange peel (ground pepper and mix with orange peel), spread paprika on the skin.

sprinkle spices on a plate, place breast side down (with the side that has no spices on it) and turn it so that "gathers" all spices from the plate.

place duck in refrigerator for 2 hours to marinate.

meanwhile prepare the currant sauce. put honey in a pan and let it boil.

add wine, vinegar and liqueur and let it boil.

wash the blackberries and drain them.

add three quarters of the blackberries into sauce and boil them as well at low heat.

when got red and soaked well turn of heat.

pour blackberries sauce in a blender and mix well.

strain the sauce back into the pot.

when duck is ready you just have to heat the sauce together with the other blackberries.

fry the duck breast in a little olive oil, first on skin side. hold the lid on top of the pan during roasting.

after approx. 5-6 minutes at moderate heat turn the breast on the other side.

leave it like this for another 5 minutes.

then turn again on the skin side for better roasting.

it's ready when the crust is nicely browned.

meanwhile, heat sauce together with the other blackberries without boiling them.

remove meat on a platter and slice it.

arrange slices as decorative as you can and sprinkle them with plenty of sauce.

serve it hot.

decorate with lettuce, use as garnish.

now this is a portion on a plate:

in section you can see that is medium done.: