Duo Pancakes: Strawberries and mascarpone

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all you need is a quality strawberry jam and a soft mascarpone cream.
the pancakes will have a festive look. the mix between red and white makes them perfect either for march 1st (ideal as a trinket worn in honour of march 1st) or christmas ( a simple and delicious dessert, in case the traditional sponge cake doesn’t succeed)

- strawberry jam
- cinnamon powder
- fresh strawberries (optional)

it is simple to make the “duo” pancakes: spread mascarpone mixed with vanilla sugar on pancake and then fold it. now spread the second compositon ( strawberry jam) and fold the pancake again and…

...that’s it!
cut the pancake in diagonal to expose the beauty of the combination.

draw some decorative lines on both halves and sprinkle cinnamon.

the pancakes are very tasty especially cold (the simple pancake to be left to cool at room temperature and composition is better to be cold from the fridge)