Easter cake with cheese and dried apricots (no dough)

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the traditional easter cake can also be done in the without dough version, the taste remaining just as delicious, but with fewer calories. it is true, it will look more like a cheese cake (or "soufflé de fromage"), but if for some reason you can't eat flour and sugar, then this is a welcome and very delicious solution.
this is a very low glycemic index recipe, a combination of low-carb low-fat (as i wanted, but you do as you wish), that is not dangerous for your health. i have chosen to add dried apricots instead of raisins as they are less sweet and more fragrant.
being a super simple and economical recipe, you can do it anytime during the year, as a dessert.

ingredients for a big easter cake:
- 10 eggs
- 1.5 kg creamy cottage cheese (or any cheese you want, but to be drained)
- 100 gr of fructose (alternative healthier than sugar)
- a bag of dried apricots
- flavors: vanilla, rum, lemon
whip the eggs well with the fructose in the mixer. add the cheese, chopped apricots and flavors. taste and match flavors, you can make it sweeter if you like. if you don't have a well-drained cottage cheese whey, then you can add more raisins and dried apricots (to absorb the moisture) or 1-2 tablespoons of flour (wheat, rice, whatever you want).
grease a high yena tray with very little oil and pour the composition. bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes and then another 30-40 minutes at 160 degrees. it must look bound and lightly browned (yellow) at the end.
cut it after it cools down completely. it's better served cold, after having been put in the refrigerator.

the recipe is ideal for low gi diets: montignac, beach, scarsdale, etc., but also for those who want to limit consumption of sugar and starches.
enjoy your meal!