Finesse of blueberry and banana

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this summer we will enjoy simple and fast desserts, with delightful aroma, but above all very healthy. if you want an ice cream that does not gain weight, and without chemicals or additives, completely natural, then try this super simple and quick option.
even if you don't have an ice cream machine at home, now it's easy because i found the simplest and practical solution to make ice cream. all you need is a vertical blender or mixer. and the ice cream or sorbet will be ready in just 3 minutes (maybe 1-2, if the mixer has high power). sounds tempting, does not it?
and now let me tell you the secret of this miraculous ice cream: mix frozen fruits (what fruits you like) with a small amount of creamy ingredients (banana or yogurt, cream cheese, etc.). by mixing at high speed, the entire composition cools quickly and turns into ice cream. if you mix more, you get the creamy texture of ice cream, which i called "finesse" because it resembles a silky and smooth pudding, lightly frozen, perfect to allow the taste buds to enjoy the flavors of your favorite combination.

-1 package of frozen wild blueberries
-2 bananas
-optional: 1-2 tablespoons of honey or glucose-fructose syrup (or agave syrup, fructose)

place the frozen blueberries in the robot, add the cleaned and sliced bananas and your favorite sweetener (i put a tablespoon of honey and sugar syrup). mix at high speed until you obtain a creamy consistency. i continued to mix a little more, to melt the ice and to obtain this smooth and creamy consistency. this texture is due to the ripe bananas, which are indispensable for the success of this dessert.
a soft, smooth and challenging cup at the same time, gently caressing each papilla ... a "finesse" sublime, perfect for this summer!