Fried peppers "Piperchi targasiti" (Pepper Macedonian dish)

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because summer is here and there are plenty of peppers in the markets, i invite you to discover the macedonian cuisine, with a classic recipe, well-known for its flavor and simplicity: "piperchi targasiti" (fried peppers).
the macedonian cuisine is best known for the mediterranean flavoring and the simplicity of taste. generally, the recipes are very healthy, economical and quick, being based on vegetables and a lot of cheese (preferably ewe's milk cheese).
a perfect recipe in these crisis times, that takes care at the same time of one's health and shape!

ingredients (4 portions):
-6 big peppers
-1 cup of tomato juice (if you have, works better with fresh tomatoes)
-1 tbsp oil
-1 egg (optional)
-ewe's milk cheese (optional)

as you can see, there aren't so many ingredients, but i assure you they taste great together.
wash and cut the peppers dice, put some salt and fry them in oil for a few minutes.

boil the tomato juice. i sometimes add 1 tbsp of pepper paste (optional). if you put fresh tomatoes, mix them with a blender and then boil them until there is little sauce left.

when the tomato sauce is thick enough, add the fried peppers.

stir well and let it stew for a few minutes.

if you wish to cook for lent, then you have finished. turn off the fire and make some toast.
the other choice would be to scramble an egg and to add it at the end.

stir well and turn off the fire in maximum one minute.

zest the cheese and add it only after the food isn't hot anymore (very important). the cheese should not melt.

you can serve it hot or cold.

this is an ideal vegetables summer course but also a perfect steak garnish.