Fried squid with sour cream, garlic and basil sauce

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if you want a simple and delicious recipe try the fried squid. in general, fried squid are cooked as rings, but this recipe uses whole squid (since they were very small).like other seafood squid is prepared with flair. it is important to know how to prepare seafood, to enjoy their real taste. seafood is very demanding and fragile, so the basic rule is to cook them as little as possible.
in less than five minutes squid is ready. if leave it more it will become totally elastic rubber and inedible.
always serve seafood with fresh and very flavored sauces or salad. the combination of fresh herbs from the sauce and the delicate taste of seafood is a culinary experience. it would be ideal to prepare an assortment of sauces (based on lemon and herbs, tomato juice, yogurt, sour cream) with different aromatic notes and serve with seafood. is an ideal way to experience and discover the taste of seafood.
-frozen squid (fresh ones are ideal, but are harder to find)
-an egg
-2-3 tablespoons flour
-salt, pepper, oregano
sauce: 100 ml sour cream or fat yogurt, lemon juice, salt, pepper, a clove of crushed garlic, some fresh chopped basil leaves
wash squid and let them drain. if you want you can cut them into rings.

beat eggs with salt, add pepper, oregano and flour. pass squid through the mixture, then fry them over medium heat in a little olive oil.

you will see that within minutes it will begin to swell. turn and and leave for a minute and and it’s ready.
serve with cold sauce and green salad with lemon.
a delight! a holiday menu ideal for a good mood!