Fusilli with olives

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pasta is a smart choice for both lunch and for dinner. important source of vitamins (especially those in the b group) and fibers, whole pastas have an interesting taste, very pleasant and full of personality. always choose whole grains at the expense of white, fine and extra-processed, which have lost most of the nutrients’ properties.

what is seductive about pasta is that you can associate with everything you want. whatever you want can be served with pasta, from savory vegetable sauces, to dietary or creamy cheese sauce with pieces of meat or fish, spicy or natural.

the combination of fusilli with olives, fresh tomato sauce, fresh herbs (italian basil) offers this recipe a strong taste. mediterranean flavors go great together, being united by the unrivaled extra virgin olive oil.

the combination can be spicy by adding some garlic and sliced peperoncini.

-200 gr whole pasta (i chose fusilli, because they give a more interesting taste)
-20 olives without pits
-thick tomato juice

mix 3 tbsp olive oil with garlic and pepper.

boil the pasta "al dente".

pour a cup of tomato juice over the flavored olive oil.

sprinkle dried herbs (oregano, rosemary) and let boil for 5 minutes. add the olives.

drain the pasta, cool it with cold water. then add them over the sauce. sprinkle some pepper.

stir and let them boil for a few minutes together.

finally, add the fresh basil.

serve them warm.

if you do not want to have a 100% vegetarian dish, you can add a little parmesan cheese or grated cheese. it's very good!

it’s very simple, healthy and balanced. a delicious recipe, colorful and attractively fragranced, created specifically to "lightly" pamper your senses :)