Gazpacho with orange fragrance

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even if it still isn't the tomatoes' season, the famous "gazpacho" soup can bring a bowl of flavor and vitality, using tiny cherry tomatoes (which are very sweet and aromatic). in addition, because we make a summer soup in a cooler season, we will perfume the soup with citrus fruit notes, which are found in abundance in this period.
gazpacho with orange is a great delight of spring (even in the winter, when days are cold), which makes us think about the heat of summer, sun, tan and holiday ... it's worth a few minutes to escape to sunny spain, you will return more energized after the spanish lunch!

- 15 cherry tomatoes or heart tomatoes (they are tiny and elongated)
-2 ripe sweet tomatoes (even greenhouse tomatoes)
-1 green, red or orange pepper
-1 blade of green onion
-1 small cucumber
-optional: a small zucchini
-1 scented orange
-half a lemon
-greens to taste: i put ramsons (green garlic), basil leaves, parsley, dried herbs de provence
-still water
-a little extra virgin olive oil
-sea salt or pink salt (if you don't have, put any kind of salt, but not too much)
-1 tablespoon of vinegar
-powder from 1 black pepper
-a pinch of cayenne pepper
-for serving: cubes of cheese, parsley, cubes of vegetables soup, and slices of orange

put 2-3 tablespoons of oil in blender, and then place the vegetables and herbs in layers.
wash the vegetables, cut them roughly and put them in blender. add a cup of water, salt, pepper. i put a tablespoon of dried herbs of provence (for added mediterranean flavor).

do not forget to put the orange cubes (to give a subtle, very interesting flavor).

add a pinch of cayenne pepper and one of black pepper.
squeeze half of the lemon juice. put a tablespoon of apple vinegar. now the blender is full, put the lid and mix.

mix for 30-40 seconds, until the soup is smooth. taste and rectify the flavorings, to your own preferences.

serve immediately with ice cubes, or after leaving in the fridge for a few hours (to be cold).

gazpacho is served with a small "accompaniment": cubes of cheese, cubes of vegetables from the broth, herbs (parsley), croutons, etc...

this tomato soup is perfect for any healthy diet, so take advantage!

with a simpler or more elaborate look, the gazpacho soup is just wonderful. the present version is full of flavor thanks to a combination of spicy spring herbs with citrus. you can keep in the refrigerator until the next day (when they say it is even better).

gazpacho will bring pure joy of discovering the taste of raw vegetables and invites you to an amazing experience.
enjoy your meal!