Green asparagus cream soup

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Green asparagus cream soup is very healthy and very fast to prepare. Asparagus is a vegetable ideal for a diet, very tasty and filling.
This soup can be prepared for fast days, but you can then add a little sour cream, if desired.
- 500 g green asparagus
- 2 onions
- 2 stalks of celery (or half of celery root)
- a carrot
- a pepper
- a pumpkin
- a touch of parsley
- bread croutons (optional)
Wash all vegetables. Bend Asparagus until it breaks. The wood part from the root is removed. Keep only the part from the top. Cut into pieces of 2-3 cm.
Bring the water to boil and then add all the chopped vegetables. Add a little salt. After 10-15 minutes of cooking, turn off heat. Remove vegetables and pass them in a blender. Keep a few asparagus tips for decoration.
Add the vegetable puree over soup and stir. Let it simmer a little. Sprinkle finely chopped parsley.
If you want to enrich the taste with sour cream, add 100 ml of heavy cream in soups, at the end.

Serve immediately.

Decorate soup wiith asparagus tips.

You can serve with croutons of bread. I like those from whole wheat bread.