Green smoothie

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summer is the ideal time of the year for a light diet full of vitamins, minerals, moisturizing and nourishing at the same time.i propose a more special breakfast, inspired by the "raw diet" eating style, that will help you detoxify body and bring a balanced intake of quality nutrients. "live food" is a raw diet that will help you get the full out of the nutritional quality of food.

this green smoothie has a star ingredient: green wheat. about green wheat is said to be an excellent re-mineralizer and refresher of the body, stimulating the entire immune system. its impressive mineral content (iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.), the vitamins (contains more vitamin a than carrots and more vitamin c than citrus fruits, and vit. b, e, k, d), the amino (helps build muscle tissue), the chlorophyll (it has the effect of reducing anemia, and it oxygenates the blood), many enzymes, raises the green wheat juice up to the level of medicine-food.

many authors even consider that it is possible to have high antioxidant content, so high that they recommend the juice in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

today we will make a first recipe of green smoothie of wheat grass, green apple and lemon. with a sweet and sour fresh taste, this vegetarian cocktail is ideal for a summer morning.

and now let's meet the magic germinated wheat. "harvest" the wheat grass when it has a height of 10-15 cm.

cut it with kitchen scissors, the closest to the ground.

cut all the blades of grass together and keep them in the refrigerator in sealed plastic boxes, up to a week.

green smoothie is made from a bundle of green wheat grass, mixed with a fruit or a green vegetable (in our case, green apple). the juice will be very sweet, so i added lemon juice (prevents apple oxidation also).

put in a blender a few blades of wheat grass, the chopped apple, lemon juice and a cup of water.

mix until everything is homogeneous (about one minute).

pour into glasses and serve immediately.