Grilled lamb roulade

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may 1st is the official day of barbecues, picnics and fun. and because it's always very close to easter, i thought it would be nice to present you a recipe for grilled lamb (but it works with any kind of meat that has less fat).
today i made some great grilled skewers of lamb roll, spicy, colorful and super flavorful.
it's hard to describe in words the smell and the appearance of these skewers, so i hope the photos will speak for me.

the recipe is simple, as any barbecue recipe. i sliced the lamb roll in a finger thick slices (the lamb roulade was seasoned on the inside with ramsons pesto and green mint and on the outside was "varnished" with a thick marinade of olive oil, paprika and ground multicolored pepper).

after i've prepared the roll and tightened it well with rope, i put it in the refrigerator overnight and then i kept it for about 2 hours at room temperature before grilling.

the wooden sticks were soaked in cold water an hour before making the skewers. then i greased them with a tissue soaked in oil, to loosen the meat very easy.
the grill was hot and well greased with fat (less oil in my case, but a slice of ham would have been good, especially if doing an outdoor grill). then i reduced the heat to medium and put on the skewers - lamb rolls on the grill.

because the meat is thin it gets grilled quickly, so it needs to be rolled within minutes.

the grilled lamb is ideally to be pink when prepared, so it is not completely done. but this depends on taste, so prepare it as you like, just do not burn it or leave it on the grill for too long because it will not be juicy anymore. a grill is usually good when it has a nice color; alluring aroma and meat have to be very soft when you cut. obviously, the taste should be great, but this is already understood.

the lamb roll is served hot; still, cool it for 3-5 minutes after grilling. meanwhile, the lamb reaches the end of cooking and is simply good and juicy.
for the rolls look so festive, i prepared a more special gasket. i placed it on a risotto with saffron tower and i made an elegant salad of beet leafs (very tasty and appealing because of the combination of green and red burgundy).

risotto with saffron was an improved representation of a classical style polenta, which also fits perfectly with the taste of grilled or in the pan lamb / mutton. i suggest you prepare the risotto very simple (just water, salt, arborio oval type grain rice and saffron), to keep the dominant note of roasted lamb flavor, full of flavor.
this barbecue recipe is ideal for any barbecue, and is very spicy (because of multicolored peppers and pepper) and colorful, with a very inviting flavor, that will create a sensation among the guests.
i wish you good appetite!