Grilled salmon with oregano, lemon and capers

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salmon is a fat fish, but very healthy, ideal for a rich dinner, but at the same time dietetic. the grilled salmon gets a very nice striped look and smells great. fresh fish is prepared within minutes, so you will not wait too much to eat this delicious dinner.
aromas of lemon, oregano and capers combine well with the grilled salmon's taste, so there only remains to add a lettuce salad and you have everything ready.

-2 slices of salmon (for 2 persons)
-dried oregano
-sea salt
-1 lemon
-2 tablespoons of capers
wash and dry the salmon pieces. sprinkle salt, pepper and oregano.

preheat the grill and place the pieces of salmon on the grill. reduce heat to medium and wait for 2-3 minutes to brown on one side. roll the fish carefully and sprinkle with lemon juice on the already browned side. let it grill for another 3 minutes, to be colored on the other side as well and be well.

serve with green salad, seasoned with lemon and olive oil (optional).

leave the salmon for another minute on the grill after switching off the fire and sprinkle with lemon juice. serve hot, sprinkled with capers and decorated with a slice of lemon.

this recipe worth a try! the lemon flavor is very pleasant, and the combination with capers gives an elegant note.
enjoy your meal!