Hummus with black olives

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One of the most delicious and nutritious appetizers, hummus, has many variants. If you want a unique recipe for hummus, then I invite you to "hummus with black olives." The Mediterranean taste of fresh olives brings a touch of flavor that will surprise you.

The recipe is identical to that of basic hummus. Boil the chickpeas beans well. Then make a puree of beans, a little broth in which they boiled, olive oil, sesame paste (tahina), lemon juice, salt, ground garlic.

Add a handful of pitted black olives (beware of salt, olives are already salty).

Mix well until everything gets smooth.

Serve cold with pita.

Sprinkle with olive oil; decorate with chopped parsley and a black olive.

Or decorate with Pinoli, parsley and paprika.