Lamb skewers with mint and rosemary

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lamb skewers are divine if you stick marinated meat pieces on rosemary sprigs. the rosemary flavor will come from within and give the lamb a special taste. the red wine-based marinade, mustard and mint fragrance keep the meat tender and juicy.
a treat that it’s worth trying, even in a diet day.
-400 gr lamb leg without fat (remove the visible fat)
-3 tablespoons of red wine
-1 tablespoon of mustard
-2 tablespoons of chopped fresh mint
-pepper flakes
-dried thyme

wash the meat and cut it into pieces. if you want the recipe to be dietary, remove any visible fat.

mix the wine with the mustard, mint, salt, pepper, hot pepper.

sprinkle a little dry thyme.

add bits of meat and leave them to marinate for about 3 hours.

form the skewers on rosemary twigs.

fry over medium heat, not to burn.

roll them on all sides.

sprinkle them with the remaining marinade on all browned sides, not to dry.

finally, they are well browned but the meat is still soft (you can test it by pressing with a finger).

serve hot with your favorite salad and mint yogurt sauce or tzatzichi.

enjoy your meal!