Mashed potatoes with black truffles straciatella

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new year is coming and i know you want to start the new year very special, so i prepared a series of special and festive recipes, a little more exclusive, to help create a dream atmosphere.
today we get acquainted with the "diamond" of the luxury cuisine, a fine ingredient, expensive and highly perfumed, the black truffle. black truffles are ideal for luxurious recipes; their mere presence ennobles any preparation. although is used a small amount, it is sufficient because it flavors quickly the preparations.
we make today a special gasket, mashed potatoes with black truffles straciatella. the puree's creamy taste highlights the black truffles, which are to be found festive, waiting to be enjoyed.
a royal flavor, a sensory experience, exclusively for special moments!

ingredients (for 2 persons):
-4 medium potatoes
-1 black truffle (and the liquid from the jar)

clean, wash and cut the potatoes into cubes. boil in salted water. boil until very soft and very easy to stick a fork in them.

meanwhile, we prepare the delicious black truffle. this is how it looks like when we get it out of the jar:

scrape half of the truffle on the small grate and a cut half into cubes. it’s simple and fast :)
drain the boiled potatoes, put them in a bowl. pour liquid from the jar with truffles, to mix well the flavors.

then add a tablespoon of butter and 2-3 tablespoons of liquid cream.

mix well. then add the grated truffle.

mix with a spoon until smooth.

put it in the middle of a large plate (using a metal ring) and decorate with remaining truffle bits.

serve hot, as garnish to a delicious veal fillet (with truffles, of course :) ).

this is a delight recipe, great for anniversaries, romantic dinners or festive menus.