Omelet with asparagus, cheese and olives

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it's spring, the herbs' season, so get ready for a light and healthy diet, in which we make the most of the seasonal vegetables. one of these is the asparagus, which is delicious and very healthy.
omelet with asparagus and cheese is a delight of spring, which you can take advantage of without worrying about figure, because it fits perfectly in any healthy diet.

ingredients (for 2 persons):
-4 eggs
-8 strains of green asparagus
-some olive
-slices of cheese (brie, mozzarella, cheese, what you like)
whip the eggs with salt. add a pinch of dried oregano.
put a little oil in pan and fry the asparagus for a few minutes, until slightly browned. pour eggs over them and add the olives. reduce heat and cover with a lid.

when the omelet is almost done, add slices of cheese and let melt.

serve warm, but it is good also cold. you can sprinkle onion and crispy flakes.

when serving, add a little cherry tomato salad with oregano and olive oil.

enjoy your meal!