Orange duck

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orange duck is a classical recipe from french cuisine. today i will show you how to cook a 5 star recipe step by step.
the spicy duck breast will be served with orange slices and cooked sugar citrus fruit, splashed with orange liquor.
the recipe is demanding but don't be afraid, it is at the same time very easy and i will let you know all the secrets in order that you succeed it at home.

-3 duck breasts (for 4-6 persons)
-4-5 oranges
-5 tbsp orange liquor
-spices: salt, pepper, oregano, '5 spices' mix, paprika
-2 tbsp sugar (preferably brown sugar)

wash the duck breasts and cut the skin to half of the thickness of the breast. season generously all over with salt and the aforementioned spices and massage fresh orange zest on the breasts. splash the meat with the orange liquor and let it steep in flavors for about 20-30 minutes.

now you can fry the breasts in oil, on medium fire. keep the marinade for the sauce. first, you put the breasts with the skin on the pan. after that, cover the pan and let it like this for about 5-7 minutes.

rotate the meat and let it fry for 2-3 minutes more.

in the end, the meat must be medium fried (briefly cooked on the inside). put the breasts in aluminum foil, pack it and leave it like this for 15 minutes.

you can fry some potatoes in the oil left from the meat. they will be delicious. meanwhile, juice 3 oranges.

after leaving the breasts packed for 15 minutes, make the sauce. seep the oil from the pan and without washing it, put 2 tbsp of sugar (brown sugar preferably).

when the sugar starts to be cooked, pour 2 tbsp of orange liquor and the marinade.

under the liquor, the cooked sugar will get stiff. attention: the liquor burns easily! let it boil slowly for a few seconds, so that the alcohol doesn't ooze out.

now pour the fresh orange juice and let everything boil slowly. the sugar will melt again.
unfold the aluminum foil and pour the sauce that the meat has seeped on the orange juice in the pan. add 1 tsp orange zest.

slice the oranges (without the peel).

boil them very slowly for 2 minutes, then put them aside.

slice the meat. it should be briefly cooked.

put the sliced meat in sauce and put sauce on top of them.

put the orange slices on top and let it boil slowly for 1-2 minutes. yet again, the meat should be briefly cooked. if you boil the duck too much it gets chewy, so take the meat away from the pan while still being red.

adorn the plate with the orange slices, put the duck breasts on top and pour the sauce.