Orange salad with black olives "stracciatella"

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orange with black olives? not kidding. try this combination and you will find the most exotic winter salad.
the sweet and sour taste of oranges with the salty black olives make a successful marriage. salad dressing is lightl (a few drops of olive oil) and "pearl" it with a few spices, well-chosen (black pepper flavored with orange, anise, rosemary).
orange salads are characteristic from greece, cyprus, italy (mediterranean countries).
i added the anise to the salad because gives it some other kind of appearance that fits very well with its slightly sweet taste. anise is an ancient spice used by the egyptians. it is considered to be a valuable spice, its strong flavor creates "magic".
if you are looking for something exotic and mysterious, then try these "stracciatella" orange slices with black olive, anise and pepper. you might even ask for more :)!

- a sweet and juicy orange
-7-8 black olives
-olive oil
-fresh ground salt
-pepper flavored with orange
-dried oregano

peel orange and cut it into slices. place slices on a platter. sprinkle them with very little olive oil. sprinkle a little ground salt over them (preferably this kind of salt because you don’t want to have a salty taste in general, but to occasionally feel a salty touch). if you have a salt grinder, then do not put salt at all, it’s enough the salt from the olives.
crush the olives with the wide part of your knife. remove the pit and then chop the olives.

sprinkle olives over the oranges, and pepper, finally some grains of anise and oregano leaves.

and now look closely:

serve immediately.

an interesting taste, a little balkan, a little oriental ...

something mysterious, attractive ... a fascinating contrast offered by the richness of simplicity!