Pan-fried flavored pork

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pork is very tasty, so occasionally you can indulge a delicious steak, tender and fragrant. to still keep the decency in terms of diet, i chose to prepare it in the pan with little oil, a lot of fresh spices and dry white wine sauce that tenders the chops and keeps them juicy.

heat a pan and add very little olive oil. chops should be at room temperature. beat them or squeeze them gently. then sprinkle them with salt, pepper and fresh herbs (thyme is ideal, i used lemon thyme, it has a fine aroma of citrus, perfectly complementing the taste).

place the steaks in pan when oil is hot. brown them lightly on both sides. then pour a glass of dry white wine.

sprinkle them with sauce often. let the sauce boil down to minimum so the steaks get browned in their own fat. when sufficiently stained, remove them on a platter.

pork will be soft, juicy and fragranced.

enjoy your meal!