Pasta with Ham, Olives and Mushrooms

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here's a recipes which is ideal for a summer dinner: light, fast and delightful. the pasta with ham and tomatoes juice with green olives and mushrooms is delicious. the strong, mediterranean flavor from the green olives makes this recipes even more appetizing. have also ready several aromatic herbs (oregano, basil) and you can start the aromas and colors festival.

boil the past based on the instructions on pack (but reduce the boiling time by 1-2 minutes). then drain them off and rinse them in cold water.

separately, prepare the sauce with 2 spoons of olive oil, a cup of tomatoes juice, green olives and 200 gr of chopped mushrooms.

anneal the ham slices in a hot pan.

when the sauce has reduced, add a leaf of laurel, pepper and oregano.

then, add the pasta.

mix well. then add the ham.

let it boil for a while and... done.

serve warm.

you can also spread yellow cheese on top.

enjoy the pasta with ham, olives and mushrooms!