Pork Chops with Fried Potatoes with Grated Cheese and Sour Cream Sauce with Garlic

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the spicy pork chops in white wine sauce are absolutely delicious. this recipe is by no means dietetic, therefore, take care on the size of your dishes. but, just like any other rustic dish, it's so tasty, that it's worth trying.

the potatoes side dish (fried or baked in oil) with grated cheese and sour cream and garlic sauce brings an extra flavor to this traditional recipe.

- several pork chops
- condiments: dried thyme, dried hot pepper, garlic, pepper, sweet paprika
- several potatoes
- sour cream
- garlic
- cheese

heat up two spoons of oil, add the washed, well spiced pork chops. put a lid on top of the pan.

separately, fry the potatoes.

when they're well browned on one side, turn the pork chops on the other side. then cover the pan again with the lid.

after couple of minutes, add 100ml of white wine. let the wine boil until it reduces. in the meanwhile, sprinkle white wine over the meat.

the spicy pork chops should be served warm.

as a side-dish: spread the grated cheese on top of the warm potatoes and then spread thoroughly a sour cream sauce with garlic (100ml of sour cream mixed with 2 minced garlic cloves, a bit of salt and some pepper)

you can serve it with cabbage salad.

enjoy the pork chops with fried potatoes!