Rabbit with Hunter's Sauce

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the rabbit has a very dietetic meat, extremely tasty and therefore a quick recipe with rabbit meat is ideal for a summer diet. very low in calories, but extremely tasty, the rabbit recipe with hunter's red wine sauce is a true culinary delight.

this recipe is ideal when you want to impress but also want something more rustic and smooth at the same time.

- rabbit meat
- one lemon
- one small onion
- 2 glasses of red wine
- 200 gr of tomatoes sauce or mashed tomatoes
- salt, pepper
- one laurel leaf
- oil
- olives

cut the onion in very small pieces and anneal it until it becomes glassy.

add the rabbit pieces and anneal them together with the onion. when they are slightly brown, pour the wine. let them boil until the sauce reduces.

when the sauce is reduced to half, add the mashed tomatoes.

add the laurel leaf.

then the olives. add salt and pepper upon your taste after the olives boil a bit (the olives are already salty, therefore take this into account when you add the additional salt).

towards the end, add 2-3 lemon slices.

after it boils for a while, turn off the fire.

serve warm with rice side dishes.

decorate with fresh slices of lemon.

enjoy the rabbit with hunter's sauce!