Radish leaf soup

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french cuisine is renowned for its originality. radish leaf soup is delicious and very light, with slightly sour taste. if you thought you can't get something delicious from young leaves of radishes, try this recipe at least once. you could have a nice surprise :) and become a fan.

-leaves of 3 fresh radishes
-4 large potatoes
-a bundle of green onions or 1 big white onion
-a small box of sour cream (creme fraiche) or soy sour cream (if you want for lent)
-some parsley (optional)

wash the leaves of radishes and cut them to pieces. clean, wash and chop the green onions and potatoes.
fry the green onion in a little butter or oil without browning, only to become glassy.

add potatoes, mix well. sprinkle salt.

pour boiling water and let it boil over medium heat.

add the radish leaves.

after about 20-30 minutes (check if the potatoes are boiled), turn off the heat, let it cool, add 3 tablespoons of sour cream and parsley and mix the soup.

taste it and season with salt and pepper to taste.

if you like it sour, you can add lemon juice.

serve with slices of fresh radish, one teaspoon of sour cream and croutons (optional).

enjoy your meal!