Refreshing fruit and quark cake

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holidays are approaching and tables will be filled with festive goodies. this cake is very refreshing and goes very well with the special new year's eve menu. the exotic fruits add fragrance and distinction and the fine quark cream makes it refreshing, smooth and easy.
the crunchy and sweet dough made from ground almonds, highlights the cream and quark mouse. if you don't have fresh exotic fruits, you can replace them with other fruits, but it's better to use something that is in season, so to be mellow and fragrant, not just to look good and be tasteless. the fruit will give the cake flavor, so be careful when you choose them. the fruit s should be well cooked, soft-elastic at pressure and very fragrant. avoid the fruits with the green skin or too ripe.

-dough: 250 grams ground almonds, 4-6 tablespoons brown sugar, 100g butter, few drops of almond extract (or vanilla)
-mousse: 500 ml liquid cream, 750 gr quark cheese, 8 tablespoons of sugar, 25-30 grams gelatin
-fruits: 3 mango, 1 lemon, 2 kiwi fruit, 1 fig, 2 bananas and 100g blueberries

first prepare the dough. melt the butter.

pour the butter over almonds mixed with sugar (or fructose). stir until everything is smooth and the composition becomes sandy . pour into a ring-shaped cake. press well and bake for 5 minutes at 160 celsius degrees. then let it cool.

meanwhile peel the mango.

cut the core into cubes, remove the pits.

immediately sprinkle the mango with lemon juice, not to oxidize.
make a puree out of 2 mango and keep the other mango for decoration (slice it into thin strips).
mix the liquid cream with 6-8 tablespoons white sugar (or fructose, if you want more dietetic). you can add a sachet of cream hardener. taste and see if you need sweetener.

mix the quark cheese (it's very creamy) with whipped cream (use a spatula or a spoon) and mango puree. taste and see if it needs something more. the amount of sugar depends on how sweet is the mango.

hydrate the gelatin in 3 tablespoons cold water. then melt it over low heat or bain marie. be careful not to boil the jelly, just to melt it.

mix the gelatin with the quark cream. allow 10 minutes to begin to bind.

pour half of the composition over the cooled dough, and then cover with a layer of sliced bananas (sprinkled with lemon, so as not to oxidize).

then sprinkle blueberries and mango cubes.

pour the rest of the cream.

put the cake in the refrigerator for several hours to harden well. if you want a simple decor, garnish before serving time, so as not to oxidize the fruits. if you want to keep the fruits outside, then it's good to pour some gellee cake over the fruits and let the gelatin to harden in the refrigerator.

remove the ring before serving.

as ornament i used mango, kiwi, figs and the remaining blueberries.

the middle cake fruits layer gives a nice and cheerful aspect.

it is very good, perfect after a meal with many dishes because it's cool, but the next day is good also, with the morning coffee.