Rice with fennel and bell pepper

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Fennel is a miracle herb and a soft tonic for digestion. It can prevent and combat bloating and colic (antispasmodic effect). Fennel has positive effects on your body and it’s recommended as an antitoxin (combats the negative effects of alcohol), antifungal, a good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Fennel was used in ancient times by women both external (tea) for cosmetic use, and internal like drinking fenel tea. Fenel can have positive effects on the female’s body (larger breast volume, reduce hair growth, increases the amount of milk for young mothers, softens skin and can be a remedy for a bright complexion).
Fennel consumption provides a state of psychological satisfaction, generally having a relaxing effect. This way very stressed and nervous people can benefit from this herb.
Rice with fennel and pepper recipe can be an inspired choice for a day of fasting or dietary menu. Try to use products as natural ("organic") as possible. The quality of raw materials is essential to achieve a delicious and healthy preparation. It’s ideal to use brown rice from organic crops. I used a mixture of complete rice with Camargue red rice (french natural reservation, located between the arms of the Rhone and the Mediterranean sea).
-200 grams organic rice (mix of complete rice and red rice)
-an onion
-olive oil
-salt, pepper

Put rice in boiling water. Add water just to cover the rice. Add a pinch of salt.

When rice is almost cooked and the water is low, add the cooked (fried in little oil) vegetables.
Take the onion, fennel and bell pepper and cut into little cubes. Cook (fry) them in olive oil.

Add the vegetables over rice and simmer together for about 2 -3 minutes.

In the end, add the minced herbs, and put the lid (for the rice to swell).

Arrange the rice with fennel into a cylinder.

Decorate the platter with steamed vegetables and hot sauce.

Add some sauce over rice.