Roasted pork filet mignon in wine sauce and fresh mushrooms

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roasted pork recipe is ideal for a festive winter dinner, an anniversary or even on a sunday when the whole family gather for lunch. filet mignon is the most tender part of the pork because it has no fat.
roasted filet mignon with mushroom in wine sauce recipe is very easy and very delightful. the wine offers a special flavor, combines the spices perfectly and keeps the meat succulent.

-2 large pieces of pork filet mignon
-little olive oil
-one glass of dry wine
-dried thyme
-dried hot peppers
-dried or fresh garlic
-mixed spices for pork (optional)

wash and drain pork. grease meat with a little oil then spice it on all sides.

pour wine into pan, cover with aluminum foil and leave tray in the refrigerator at least for 2 hours. i used rose wine with a fruity floral bouquet, but you can use any wine you like as long as it’s dry.

then insert in hot oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

remove foil and add mushrooms washed and cleaned.

continue cooking about another 25 minutes and occasionally sprinkle the meat with sauce from pan.

serve hot with red cabbage salad.

you can choose whatever you want as a garnish: rice, mashed potatoes, pan-baked potatoes. the steak is brown and juicy with a very pleasant flavor.