Romanesco puree

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romanesco or "martian cauliflower" (as called by children) is a species of broccoli of a very light green, pistachios like, which is included in "fractal food". fractal is a notion derived from the mathematical language and defines a geometric shape formed from a variety of other forms of itself, but of different sizes.
romanesco apparently has irregular shape but matches perfectly the rules of geometry, so it's a delight to watch a natural representation of a logarithmic spiral (science lovers will understand perfectly and i hope that they will appreciate this geometric vegetable).

if you're curious what it tastes like, then i must say it is smoother than cauliflower and broccoli, so it is ideal to prepare as few time as possible.

wash and loosen the romanesco in bouquets.

then boil it in salted water or steam for 5-7 minutes (check with the fork).

drain the bouquets.

mix 2-3 tablespoons of dietary cream.

you will get a creamy puree, light green.
it is ideal as a garnish on white fish fillets or fragrant thai basmati rice.

enjoy your meal!