Salad with smoked salmon and broccoli germs

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salads are ideal for a healthy diet. the more varied and colorful, the better it is. they are an excellent solution for lunch, dinner or a snack, especially if you prepare them yourself, to make sure they don't contain too-fat sauces or sugar.
the vegetables, salmon and broccoli germs salad is very delicious and nutritious. if you don't like fish, you can replace it with grilled chicken, the result will be as good.
adding different types of germs in salads brings a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals, as it's well known that the germs store valuable nutritional content. choose a source of germs as "bio" as possible to be sure that seeds are not treated with chemicals or prepare them yourself at home, by germinating the seeds.
besides the massive intake of vitamins, the germs are cute and delicate, their pearly white shades creating a visual perception of "pure" food, an ideal detail for a salad.

prepare the ingredients: cabbage, cherry tomatoes, broccoli germs, a small red onion, a few leaves of endives, smoked salmon, lemon, dill, olive oil, apple vinegar, salt.

these are the wonderful broccoli germs; just wash with cold water and drain them in colander.

sprinkle the smoked salmon with a lot of lemon juice and chopped dill and let it marinate for 20 minutes.

wash the cabbage, chop it into small pieces and rub it with a little salt. wash the endive, break the petals and cut them into pieces, then mix them with the cabbage. add the chopped onion and mix well.

put half of the broccoli germs in the salad mix and keep the other half for decoration.

arrange the salad on a plate decorated with slices of tomatoes and strips of salmon, then sprinkle with marinade.

the marinade is made of oil, vinegar, salt and lemon.

sprinkle the left broccoli germs over the salad.

enjoy your meal!