Salmon in sauce of saffron - Exquisite Thai Salmon

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the salmon in saffron sauce is a true delicacy. this recipe combines the french and thai cooking styles to offer an culinary extravaganza, elegant, sophisticated and spicy.

the recipe is very easy to cook and is recommended to those who want something special.

the salmon in saffron sauce is an ideal course for a romantic dinner, as the exotic thai perfumes blend perfectly with the french cuisine.

if you enjoy fish, then let yourself seduced by the "french-asian" magic. irresistible!

- 4 salmon fillets without skin
- 200 ml chicken soup (not "instant" soup)
- 100 ml liquid sour cream (coco milk is also ok)
- one thai hot pepper
- one glass of white, dry, good quality wine
- one spoon of flour or mayonaisse
- one lime and one lemon
- salt, pepper
- saffron powder

the secret ingredient of this recipe is the "kaffir lime" or "makrut lime" leaves.

first we boil the chicken soup with salt, the kaffir lime leaves until it halves.

wash the salmon fillets, salt them and spice them with pepper.

heat a spoon of olive oil. slightly fry 2 cloves of minced garlic.

add the salmon fillets that you fry on high fire for 4 minutes on each side. it's ideal to cover the pan with a lid.

add the white wine and leave everything to boil for 2 minutes.

scrape the lime and keep the peel.
then add the lime and lemon juice (the exact quantity will vary based on your taste)

stop the fire and take care of the saffron sauce.
in the meantime, the sauce should have halvened. add the hot pepper and boil it for one minute (so that it doesn't become extremely hot). then take the hot pepper out.

dissolve a spoon of mayo in the sour cream and add it on top of the meat sauce. stir continuously, on small fire until it thickens a bit.

take out the fish on a plate and filter the wine and lemon sauce. add this sauce in the sour cream one.

stir until it gets mixed very well. add a spoon-tip of saffron.

stir the saffron until the sauce becomes yellow.

stop the fire and pour the sauce over the salmon.

add the scraped lime peel for an extra touch of flavor, small bits of hot pepper and lime.

keep part of the sauce to be served separately on the table.

you can serve this right away.

as a side-dish, it's recommended to have basmati rice in two colors with mushrooms and green salad with lemon.

it is ideal to also have on the table slices or halves of limes for a more intense taste.

if you like it very spicy, add more hot pepper as a topping.