Salmon with spicy orange crust - Brazilian recipe

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"salmon with spicy orange crust" is an ingenious, bold recipe which carries the specifics of the brazilian cuisine. the baked salmon with orange crust is very juicy and appetising, while marinating it give a very special fruity taste.

- one salmon filé (or as many as you wish)
- the skin of an orange
- the skin of a lime
- juice from half of a big lemon (ideally, a lime)
- juice from half of a big orange
- two tablespoons of brown sugar
- one calve of garlic
- half of tablespoon of cayenne pepper
- salt
- black pepper

mix the grated orange skin with the lime on, the brown sugar, the chilli powder (or cayenne pepper).

wash the salmon filé, wipe it and let it marinate in the juice mix of lime and orange. spread some salt and pepper. let it marinate for 30 minute at room temperature. after 15 minutes, turn the filé on the other side and cover the top part with the orange skin crust.

leave it in the sauce for another 15 minutes, then take it out and place it in a thermo-resistant bowl with a little oil.

put the bowl in the oven at a high temperature (220 celsius degrees), without a lid, in the middle of the oven.

the baking time is very small (10-12 minutes), depending on how think the filé is. during this time, the crust will caramelize without getting burnt.

sever warm, with salad.

here's a section to prove how tender it is.

this technique allows us to get a very special result. the salmon meat will be incredibly succulent and flavored, while the exotic crust gives a perfect finish to this unusual salmon recipe.