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"choucroute garni" is a famous alsatian recipe based on sauerkraut with sausages or other smoke and salted pork dishes (preferably). sometimes add potatoes as garnish.
the recipe is of german origin "sauerkraut" whereas alsace has been for a long time under german domination so it’s not surprising that french chefs have "stolen" and then spread it all over france.
the recipe has many variations, but is accepted in any combination that serves hot sauerkraut with meat trimmings (in germany they prefere sausages).
many recipes use a little white wine to prepare the cabbage instead of water or soup.

-a kg of sauerkraut
-6 thick slices of smoked semi-raw pork
-a large piece of smoked kaiser (cost)
- canned tomatoes (one can)
-a glass of white wine
-pepper seeds
-pepper and paprika
-cloves, coriander (optional)

cut the kaiser and fry it in 200 ml oil.

remove kaiser when golden brown. add smoked pork muscle and fry it a little bit too (not until golden brown because it will cook enough in the oven).

add well chopped cabbage and drain it well. season it with pepper and paprika. mix it with flavored oil from meat. add thyme and a bay leaf.

add wine and let simmer until sauce has reduced. then add mashed tomatoes and stir again.

cabbage is ready. place it in the oven just to brown a little.

place cabbage in a greased pan with oil (i wanted it more fancy, so i "spun it” like spaghetti).

place meat over cabbage (if you want it with shapes, catch it with a toothpick).

place tray into oven at 200 degrees until beef and cabbage golden brown.

serve hot.

if you want to eat the romanian way (eastern europe), serve it with polenta.