Spicy turkey rolls in cognac and pepper sauce "French Style Rolls"

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if you want an extravagant recipe, then choose the turkey meat. as a preparation style, obviously.. the rolls: festive aspect, suitable for special occasions. also, you must have a french sauce. there is nothing more interesting than a well cooked roll, with a spicy crust, inviting, served with a special sauce, intriguing which compliments perfectly the tender and flavoured meat.

the "haute cuisine" style is not necessarily difficult, it's just... a bit extravagant. the exceptional results will convince you that it is worth trying the turkey rolls. it's an ideal recipe for a romantic dinner on new year's eve, when you want everything to be elegant, interesting and "haute couture" style. the turkey rolls in pepper and cognac sauce is a special recipe.. for special people.. in special moments.

-one turkey roll (bought as such, or you can make it out of a turkey breast)
-multi-color pepper berries
-100ml sour cream
-one spoon of dijon mustard with estragon
-20ml cognac
-2 spoons of olive oil
-salt, pepper, grinded coriander, chilli, anise, mustard seeds, paprika, grinded cumin (or a "spicy grill" mix)

if you have turkey breast, patter it, spice it and roll it. if the rolls are already made and tied, then boil 2 liters of water with a spoon of salt and an clove of garlic. add the turkey rolls in the boiling water. let the rolls boil for approximately 20 mintues with a medium fire.

after it boiled, take the rolls out and put in a pan. spice the turkey roll thoroughly.

put the pan in the oven heated at 180 degrees celsius. it will be ready in about 20 minutes, when it will be parched. in the meantime, prepare the sauce. start by heating a spoon of olive oil. fry the multi-color pepper berries for several seconds.

add the cogniac. let the cognac boil and then you can fire it up.

(the firing is optional and is recommended only if you're experienced and have a well equiped kitchen for fire-prevention. it's very important that there is nothing flamable close to the pan).

if you decide to skip the firing, then you can wait for the cogniac to evaporate and to add a ladle of meat juice.

when the flames are out, add a little meat juice.

take the turkey roll out of the oven and place it in the pepper and cognac sauce. put the lid over and let it boil for couple of minutes.

after the sauce has diminished sufficiently, take the turkey roll out and place it on the serving plateau.

mix the sour cream with a spoon of mustard and add it in the remaining sauce and mix until it's completely homogene.

sprinkle the rolls with a part of the sauce.

the rest of the sauce can be served separately on the table.