Spinach with raisins and pine nuts - Spanish recipe

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one of the most delicious spanish vegetarian recipes is the spinach with pine nuts and raisins. it is an interesting combination that will bring a bit of color and iberian spirit.
try it and you will not regret it.

-500 gr fresh spinach
-a tablespoon of olive oil
-2 tablespoons of butter (if you want for lent, put 3-4 tablespoons oil)
-a handful of raisins
-a handful of pine nuts
-2 cloves of garlic

melt the butter in oil; fry a little the buds of pine and slices of garlic (no need to get too brown).

place the raisins to soak half of hour before preparing the recipe. then drain and flour them.

simmer the raisins in the same pan.

after 1-2 minutes, add the washed and chopped spinach.

sprinkle salt and pepper. continue to stir and cook until the spinach is soft and the sauce becomes thick.

serve warm.

you can spray with lemon juice before serving.

enjoy your meal!