Spring potatoes with rosemary and lemon

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this is a quick garnish with lemon and rosemary intense flavor, a mediterranean scent that prepares you for a royal tasting.
the ingredients are fresh and simple. the potatoes prepared in this way are very aromatic and delicious.

-potatoes (preferably spring potatoes)
-sea salt
-a sprig of fresh rosemary
-a lemon (organic if possible)
clean the potatoes; wash and cut them in slices. grease them with little oil, sprinkle salt (or less), chopped rosemary (less, for it has a very intense flavor), juice from one lemon (and a little grated skin, if the lemon's bio, if treated, do not use at all).
bake at 180 degrees, the pan covered with foil for 30 minutes, then remove the foil and let brown.
another option would be to put the potatoes in the pan with all the ingredients above, plus 2 tablespoons of water (with a lid at first, then without, to get some color).

however you choose to prepare them, these potatoes with lemon and rosemary are delicious. a combination coming from sunny greece with a great and very attractive scent.
bring the scent of summer in your plate, enjoy all that is natural and feel the good mood. mediterranean cuisine has a miraculous therapeutic effect on the senses, which releases volatile oils of aromatic bouquets used in making real culinary natural remedies.
aromatherapy is one of southern culinary compelling values of this culture, so i invite you to enjoy a portion of health, optimism and joy.

enjoy your meal!